Marie's Early 1970's

The Marie family began providing services to the southern region of Louisiana starting in the early 1970's. Robert "Bobby" Marie had several heavy duty winch trucks used to launch boats into the local waterways and pull them onto dry dock. The availability of these trucks blossomed into relocating automobiles within the community. From an early age, Bobby began to teach his son Ricky Marie the ins and outs of the automotive business. Ricky and his father ran a Texaco station in Little Caillou, LA throughout his high school and following years with the help of his future wife Anita Marie.

Marie's 1976

In 1976, Marie's Auto Parts opened its doors on West Park in Houma, LA. After forty plus years, they still reside in the same historic location. Over the years, Marie's Wrecker Service has evolved into a staple in the automotive community. They have increased their fleet of trucks to facilitate the needs of their large customer base. Customers in need know their vehicles are in the hands of professionals. With geographical limitations in the Houma location, Marie's Wrecker Service had to use property on HWY 56 in Chauvin, LA to store wrecked vehicles. The massive amount of stored cars eventually led to one of this region's largest automotive salvage operations, Marie's Auto and Truck Salvage. The sales team at Marie's Auto and Truck Salvage currently provide used parts to the local community and neighboring cities and states.

Marie's 2000 to Present

In 2002, Marie's Auto Parts acquired Konos Engine and Machine on Magnolia Street in Houma, LA. In 2004, the West Park location was expanded to facilitate the new automotive machine shop and added an area to maintain their fleet of trucks. In early 2014, Ricky Marie passed away from a short battle with cancer. In 2015, Ricky's son Richard Marie started working with the family business. Richard has a strong drive to grow and maintain the business in the way that his father and grandfather intended to. The constantly changing needs of our customers dictate the addition of future services. Richard still gets to work daily with his mother, Anita Marie where they look to the future of the evolving automotive industry, to pave a path for future generations.